New Tectonic Fault Zone Cluster Found Off California Coast

A 4.7 earthquake with an epicenter 20.6 miles east of Salinas in San Benito County shook the region Tuesday. (Courtesy United States Geological Survey)

A new cluster of tectonic faults has been discovered on the ocean floor off the coast of Santa Cruz.

A recently published paper in Science detailed the discovery. The finding is rocking the seismological community as they have been found in one of the most investigated areas of the globe for fault and tectonic shifts.

The finding is significant as back in October, the area was hit with a 4.7 magnitude earthquake that rocked the region.

Scientists and seismology researchers believe that this new discovery might give more insight and understanding into our current grasp of tectonic shifts and fault in California by employing new methods of earthquake detection such as fiber optic telecommunication tables, could potentially give a new breakthrough in early warning earthquake detection.

To view the original paper check out the pdf link below:

Download The PDF
Download The PDF


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