Tsunami Inundation Maps

Official Tsunami Inundation Maps for California

Maps by County Below are listed links to Tsunami Inundation Maps by California County Compiled by the California...
Crack in Hill Behind La Purisima Mission Site Santa Barbara County

The Great 1812 Santa Barbara Earthquake and Tsunami

An incredible history of the 1812 Santa Barbara earthquake and tsunami has been assemble here on the UCSB University of Santa Barbara...
Crescent City Harbor after 2011 Tsuanmi - Photo Credit Rick Wilson

Tsunami Risks To Costal Marinas and Boat Docks

The California Department of Conservation has great information on Tsunami risks to coastal marinas. Research indicates that a large...
Go Bag - Everystockphoto: Photographer Okaggi

How to Prepare for a Tsunami

California Department of Conservation outlines how to prepare for a Tsunami. Education and preparation are the best ways to...
California Coast - Everystockphoto: Photographer Ted

Sources of Tsunamis That Might affect California

California Department of Conservation has additional information on California Tsunamis. More than eighty tsunamis have been observed or recorded...
Tsunami Aftermath - Everystockphoto: Photographer sarvodaya.org

Tsunami Warning Signs

The California Department of Conservation list the Tsunami Warning Signs as follows: Very strong ground shaking along the coast...
Santa Cruz California Harbor Tsunami 2011

What is a Tsunami?

The California Department of Conservation has the following definition of a Tsunami: A tsunami is a wave, or series of waves, generated...
USGS Earthquake Starts Tsunami

List of Historic California Tsunamis: 1812 – 2012

The table below shows data from some of the tsunamis recorded in central and southern California from 1812 to 2012(Source: https://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/nndc/servlet/ShowDatasets).

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