Los Angeles City Councilman Accused of Taking Developer Money

David Ryu Los Angeles Council Member
David Ryu Los Angeles Council Member

Los Angeles City Councilman, David Ryu, has been accused by his opponent Sarah Kate of taking money from real estate developers who have projects in Los Angeles in violation of his campaign promise. One of his main campaign platform points has now become a point of focus for his political opponents.

One of the most focused accusations is from a donation from companies that have been linked to fashion merchant, Dae Young Lee. Lee wants to build a massive housing complex, in the Little Tokyo Galleria.

Ryu has denied such allegations, but his opponent, screenwriter Sarah Kate Levy is not convinced. “David Rye claims he doesn’t take developer money – even going so far as to make it look like he’s leading the charge against developer money – but campaign finance records show he’s continued raising huge sums of developer dollars this whole time, he’s not doing what he said he would.” Levy was quoted saying to the Los Angeles Times.

The city of Los Angeles had previously drafted three ordinances in May of 2019 that would go into effect in 2020, which would ban any contributions to candidates from a real estate developer.

At present Councilman Ryu has not returned any donations that have been accused of being offered by any developers and his campaign has not produced a public list of donors to clear up any accusations his opponents have brought against Ryu.