“Impeach Adam Schiff” Rally Today in Hollywood, Held By Candidate Eric Early

Attorney Eric Early
Attorney Eric Early

Congressional Candidate and Attorney Eric Early is holding an “Impeach Schiff and Elect Eric Early 2020” rally in Hollywood today at the MET Theatre. Early, a Republican, is challenging Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff.

In his latest campaign video titled “Schiff’s Los Angeles” Early highlights the homeless situation in Adam Schiff’s District and pledges to “make public safety our top priority.” Early states people drive through the district homeless camps with “blinders on as if this doesn’t exist.” He states we need to help these people get off the streets and claims Schiff has not done anything about this “growing epidemic.”

Schiff’s relection campaign is likely to be one of the most colorful given his media presence during the impeachment process and the Russiagate or Spygate investigations over the last 3 years.

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