California Republican Party Goes On Record to Support Recall Efforts Against Governor Gavin Newsom

Recall Gavin Newsom
Recall Gavin Newsom


In a vote this weekend, the Executive Board of the California Republican Party has decided to support the current recall campaigns of controversial Governor Gavin Newsom.

A high-ranking member of the CRP Executive board confirmed the action in a series of text messages to this publication,

Newsom has been in office for less than one year, and two different groups have been circulating official Recall petitions for the past two months throughout the Golden State.

Two groups are currently circulating recall petitions against Newsom.

One group of petitioners is led by Republican activist Erin Cruz, who also is currently seeking the Congressional seat of Democratic Rep. Raul Ruiz, MD in the Coachella Valley/Riverside County area.  Her group is called the Restoring America Now Action Fund, that is RAN ACTION FUND.

A second Recall Newsom drive is also being conducted by Dr. James Veltmeyer of San Diego.

It is not known if the two recall campaigns will join forces considering the California GOP endorsement vote to have Newsom ousted from office.

Cruz in her recall petition alleges that Newsom mismanaged the state and caused poor schools, deteriorating infrastructure, high costs for gas and utilities, and increased homelessness and debt. Her recall petition also criticized Newsom’s support of certain policies, which included Medicare for All and laws that aid immigrants living in the country illegally.

The second recall by Veltmeyer claims that Newsom has raised taxes at an alarming rate and cites the staggering rate of homelessness in major cities, as well as his support of sanctuary city policies, and his support for providing healthcare to immigrants living in the country illegally.

Thousands of grassroots volunteers have flooded social media sites such as Facebook to organizing local tabletop petition signing events and so far, it appears that the effort is beginning to gain momentum,  According to records listed on the California Secretary of States website, more than 70,000 signatures have been gathered and already turned into election officials.

One Facebook Group called “2 Million Californians to Recall Gavin Newsom” how has more than 37,000 active members.  The Facebook group was started by Republican community organizers Crystal Jade and Rickie Hulsey.

“We are just two fed-up Californians seeing what happened to this once beautiful State spiraling into the path of destruction by the progressive agenda. Since Gavin Newsom took office as Governor, he abuses the power of his pen and his office signing bills into law, with no regards on the negative impact on our lives,” Jade and Hulsey state on their growing Facebook page.

“More taxes, high gas tax, letting criminals out on the streets, impose penalty on hardworking REAL Californians but give illegals free healthcare. Shielding illegals with Sanctuary State law, threatening the right to bear arms, the list goes on. It is time to RECALL the incompetent Gavin Newsom,” the group states via FB.

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