Outrageous Claim: Coronavirus Cases COULD Reach 64,000 In Washington State By May, Governor Says

Washington state COVID-19 cases could reach 64,000 by May if health officials and the public aren’t able to contain the outbreak now, Gov. Jay Inslee said Tuesday.

The Evergreen State has at least 162 confirmed coronavirus cases across eight counties as of Monday night, but infectious disease experts say the actual number could be closer to 1,000 or more, Inslee said at a press conference.

He said public health officials have not tested all 7.5 million residents in the state, and experts believe there are “many, many other people today in Washington state” who have the virus but don’t have symptoms and haven’t been diagnosed yet.

Inslee declared a state of emergency last month after the state reported its first death from the virus — a man in his 50s from King County with underlying health conditions.

The Governor’s statement is not based on real-time estimates, the CDC, or any major scientific body studying the virus.