Los Angeles Ethics Commission: Lobbyists Spent More Than $17.9 Million In Third Quarter


LOS ANGELES (CNS) – The Los Angeles Ethics Commission reported today that entities registered to lobby city agencies reported receiving payments totaling more than $17.9 million in the third quarter of the year.
Of the 2,016 clients registered for the third quarter, the largest aggregated amount for lobbying services was $339,885 paid by The Peebles Corp., which topped the commission’s Top 10 Highest Paying Clients list.

The Peebles Corp. is a private real estate investment firm that paid for lobbying services for the redevelopment of the Angels Landing proposed development complex.
Payments from the 10 clients on the list totaled $2,486,551 and represented 13.9% of all payments by lobbying clients for the quarter, the commission reported.
The commission’s Highest-Paid Lobbying Firms list was headed by Englander Knabe and Allen (including three6ixty), which received $2,044,356.
Englander Knabe and Allen is described on its website as a strategic communications firm that is paid by multiple sources for various lobbying activities, according to Ethics Commission documents.
Together, the 10 lobbying firms on the list received a total of $8,775,399, representing 49% of all client payments received in the third quarter.
Of the 720 third-quarter lobbying entities, 16 reported fundraising activity totaling $160,900 for city campaigns, officeholders and committees.
In addition to lobbying entities, four major filers reported activity totaling $172,503 in the third quarter of 2019.
Last quarter, a total of $18.1 million was spent on city lobbying activity, up about $200,000 from the third quarter and $4.6 million more than the first quarter.
The full summary of third-quarter lobbying and major filer activities is available at ethics.lacity.org.

The disclosed information about lobbying entities and their clients can be searched through the Public Data Portal of the commission’s website.


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