Up In Smoke: Cal Fire Sues In-N-Out For $1.2 Million Over San Luis Obispo Fire.

In-N-Out - Late Night Snack - Everystockphoto: Photographer VirtualErn
In-N-Out - Late Night Snack - Photographer VirtualErn

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) has filed a lawsuit against the California fast-food burger chain In-N-Out on Friday, alleging that the company was responsible for starting the Huasna Fire in September of 2017.

The Cal Fire suit for $1.2 million against the burger chain. Cal Fire details that the amount would cover the expenses of fire-fighting, the investigation into the fire’s cause and other administrative costs that Cal Fire had to pay in the wake of the Huasana Fire.

However, there is currently, no In-N-Out franchise at the location of 9815 Huasna Road; where Cal Fire states the fire originated. Records do show that In-N-Out owns the land but has not developed it or done anything with it.

Cal Fire has a history of suing companies it deems responsible for playing a part in wildfires.

One of the most recent being in 2014, when a California judge ruled that Cal Fire had engaged in “pervasive and “egregious” discovery abuses, according to a report by Downey Brand, which represented Howell’s Forest Harvesting. 

The state agency was ordered to pay more than $32 million in fees.

At present In-N-Out has not released a statement concerning the case.


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