Thousands Of Voters’ Party Preference Wiped Put By “Glitch,” Bay Area Election Division Says

Voting Booth- Photographer: WyoFile
Voting Booth- Photographer: WyoFile

San Francisco- A press release sent out by the Contra Costa County Elections Division Tuesday, December 10, 2019, revealed voters were cautioned that during the 2018 roll-out of the automatic voter registration system, “some voters’ party preference was overwritten.” As such, individuals who registered with a party may have been swapped to “no party preference.”

Contra Costa County was not the only county dealing with voter registration issues.

The Sacramento Bee reported that at least 600 people have seen the changes in several counties including Sacramento, Santa Clara, and Shasta. 

Officials have reportedly linked the issue to the state’s Motor Voter program, which automatically registers eligible voters when they go to the DMV. The Bee reported that a rushed launch of the program in 2018 resulted in 105,000 registration errors.