San Francisco Restaurants To Start Using “Climate Change” Surcharge

Town Hall Restaurant, San Francisco - Photographer:
Town Hall Restaurant, San Francisco - Photographer:

Under a new San Francisco initiative, there might be a new surcharge added to your bill starting this month depending on the restaurant that you eat at.

The optional 1% surcharge will fund a new program called Restore California, managed by the nonprofit Zero FoodPrint

That money will provide funding for farmers to build healthy soil as well as “carbon farming projects such as compost application, cover crop planting, tree planting, and improved grazing management,” according to a statement.

Zero FoodPrint claims if 1% of California restaurants add the 1% surcharge, the program would generate $10 million in just a year of implementation.

The Golden Gate Restaurant Association is one of the first to implement the new surcharge, adding it to the menu of its restaurants participating in San Francisco Restaurant Week, Mother Jones reports.

For a full list of restaurants that are participating in the extra charge please check out Zero FoodPrint website.


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