San Francisco Mayor London Breed And The San Francisco Police Department Announce 2019 Public Safety Statistics

San Francisco Mayor London Breed
San Francisco Mayor London Breed

Tuesday, January 21, 2020, Year-end crime report for 2019 shows a decrease in homicides and violent crime

San Francisco, CA — Mayor London N. Breed and the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) today announced that violent crimes dropped significantly in 2019. The findings were released as part of the SFPD’s 2019 CompStat Profile and reflect progress from a number of initiatives spearheaded by Mayor Breed and SFPD to increase foot patrols, hire more officers, and help stabilize neighborhoods that experience a higher level of crime.

Violent crime decreased by six percent last year. The 2019 CompStat Profile shows that compared to 2018:

Homicides decreased by 11 percent;
Sex trafficking decreased by 57 percent;
Rapes decreased by 15 percent;
Robberies decreased four percent; and
Aggravated assaults decreased by four percent.

“We are constantly striving to reduce all forms of violence in our communities,” said Police Chief William Scott. “We’re doing this through our Crime Gun Investigations Center and by working closely with our community-based anti-violence partners to prevent shootings and advance justice for victims. Our success is contingent on all of us working together to make our city even safer.”

Last year also saw a drop in property crimes in San Francisco:

Burglaries decreased by 14 percent;
Larceny theft decreased three percent; and
Auto burglaries decreased two percent.

In 2017, SFPD doubled its citywide uniformed foot patrols, and with the direction and support of Mayor Breed, greatly increased foot patrols in U.N. Plaza and in the Mid-Market corridor in response to numerous quality of life issues. A 2018 study by the California Policy Lab and researchers at the University of California, Berkeley found a significant decrease in assaults and thefts after SFPD expanded its foot patrol strategy, which focuses on crime deterrence and improved responsiveness and engagement with community members. Mayor Breed has continued her support of increasing foot patrols, and the City Budget for Fiscal Years 2019-20 and 2020-21 includes funding to support adding 50 officers each fiscal year.

In addition to expanding foot patrol officers, Mayor Breed and the SFPD have focused on increased enforcement of drug dealing in the Tenderloin and Mid-Market areas. This effort includes a two-tiered strategy, with the Narcotics Unit focusing on disrupting the flow of drugs into the City and targeting individuals participating in drug trafficking, coupled with street officers implementing sting operations at the street level to reduce public drug sales.

In 2019, Mayor Breed, along with community partners and the Board of Supervisors, added 18 security cameras along the Stockton Street corridor and added eight cameras along Irving Street between 19th and 22nd Avenues. In December, Mayor Breed and SFPD hosted a Gun Buy-Back event with United Playaz to help get guns off the streets and out of homes. Additionally, the City’s Street Violence Intervention Program has helped reduce violence and keep residents safe through outreach, crisis response, and community mobilization activities.

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