PG&E Found Responsible For Lack Of Powerline Maintenance.

PG&E Pacific Gas and Electric
PG&E Pacific Gas and Electric

The Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E Corp.) has been found responsible for a lack of inspection and maintenance on transmission lies for several years. These lapse in quality and upkeep started the deadliest fire in California history, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has discovered in a probe into PG&E’s maintenance practices.

The CPUC disclosed in a 700-page report detailing that PG&E was responsible for a Caribou-Palermo transmission line that malfunctioned on November 8, 2018, resulting in the Camp Fire, the deadliest fire in California state history.

CPUC investigators had previously found that PG&E equipment was responsible for the start of the Camp Fire blaze. PG&E had not disputed the findings of the fire, which killed 85 people.

The new CPUC findings show more serious issues than the previous findings. Chiefly the allegations that PG&E violated state rules for maintaining electric lines and transmission lines; which that lapse of Maintainance directly caused the Camp Fire.

The CPUC report identifies dozens of violations of rules yet does not give any recommendations of penalties or fines to be given to PG&E. Given the nature of the report, it is possible that there will need to be a California commission that examines the report to determine what fines and penalties PG&E would receive.


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