Oops: According To New IRS Lien; California Democrat Congressman Owes $145,000 In Unpaid Income Tax

TJ Cox, Official Portrait,
TJ Cox, Official Portrait,

Rep. TJ Cox (D) owes nearly $145,000 in unpaid federal income tax, according to a new lien the Internal Revenue Service placed on him and his wife earlier this year.

The lien against the Fresno Democratic congressman lists about $87,000 in unpaid federal income tax for 2016 and about $57,000 in unpaid incomes tax in 2017. It says the IRS had contacted Cox and his wife about the debt prior to filing the lien.

His financial disclosure covering 2016 and 2017 lists five different sources of significant income, ranging from $50,000 per year to up to $1 million per year, plus dozens of smaller sources of income.

It’s not the first time Cox has had a federal lien assessed against him and his wife. He previously paid off a $48,000 lien in November 2017 that the IRS assessed against him for unpaid income taxes for 2015.

Cox now earns $174,000 per year under his congressman’s salary. His most recent financial disclosure, filed in November 2019, listed no other income that year.

Cox has also had tens of thousands of dollars in liens assessed against some of his businesses while he was still in charge of them. At least one of those liens was settled the same day McClatchy contacted Cox’s campaign with questions about the liens in 2019.


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