Los Angeles Zeroes in on Banning Developers’ Contributions to City Elections

LA City Seal
LA City Seal

LOS ANGLES (CNS) – A Los Angeles City Council committee today moved closer to restricting developers from contributing funds to candidates running for elected city offices and current elected officials.

The council’s Rules, Elections and Intergovernmental Committee discussed three proposed laws, and it advanced the City Council’s version to add developers, who have contracts executed within a year with the city, to a list of restricted sources from making campaign contributions in Los Angeles city elections.

The committee voted to have reports conducted on the two other proposals. One proposal provided by the city’s Ethics Commission is similar to the council’s, but it’s a bit more complex in that it specifies regulations on payments made by developers engaged in certain land use from making contributions.

The other proposal to be studied would prohibit behested payments from developers, which are contributions to organizations in which a candidate or elected official is involved.
The window for the City Council to adopt the reforms before the 2022 election is closing, as the time frame to raise funds for that election starts in March. City officials said they would not be able to create a database to track developers prohibited from making contributions to city office candidates by March, saying it could take nine months to finish.  


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