L.A. Councilman Announces Financial Relief Fund For Residents In His District

City of Los Angeles
City of Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (CNS) – Los Angeles City Councilman John Lee announced today that a $50,000 grant program has been created to provide emergency financial relief to residents in his district.
The Council District 12 Change Reaction Angel Fund has no set guidelines for the one-time grants available to qualifying individuals or families, but officials said the average given through similar grant programs is about $1,100.
The fund was created in partnership with the nonprofit organization The Change Reaction and is also supported by ONEgeneration, an organization that works with seniors.

ONEgeneration will serve as intake coordinators for the fund and work with senior lead officers from the Los Angeles Police Department on outreach to identify individuals and families in need.
The LAPD’s senior lead officers are frequently the first point of contact for individuals who have fallen on hard times.
According to data from USC’s Price Center for Social Innovation, almost 60% of families in Council District 12 are rent-burdened, and approximately 30% of families in the district are severely rent-burdened, leaving little to pay for other life necessities such as food, utilities, child care, and health care, Lee said.

Individuals seeking assistance can call Ron Rubine in the Council District 12 Community Service Center at 818-882-1212.


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