Jailed California Congressional Candidate Omar Navarro Due in San Francisco Court This Week

OmarNavarro Booking Photo
OmarNavarro Booking Photo

As candidates across California begin their stretch runs to the ballot box for the upcoming March Primary election cycle, one high profile candidate has been locked up in a San Francisco jail cell for more than a month facing several criminal stalking charges since before Christmas.

Republican Omar Navarro, 31 is attempting his third run to unseat entrenched Rep. Maxine Waters in California’s 43rd District. The district is a solid Democratic solid Blue district and has been a political playground for the fiery Waters for the past four decades.

Many political insiders give Navarro no chance of winning this urban district that is centered in South Los Angeles and surrounding communities.

But this election is probably the least of Navarro’s concerns at this point in the campaign.

Navarro is charged with more than 10 serious felony charges by prosecutors in the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office including criminal stalking. If convicted on all counts, Navarro could be locked up for years. He is being held without bond.

Navarro is due in a San Francisco Superior Court room this Wednesday, January 29 to determine the next steps in the complex case, and the outcome of the hearing could determine when he may be released.

In December, prosecutors allege that Navarro went on a stalking rampage against his former girlfriend Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero who coincidentally is also a candidate for Congress against another entrenched Golden State political figure in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco).

Little did she know Navarro followed her across the country, that’s when she realized she was in jeopardy

According to Tesoriero, she and Navarro had dated “off and on” beginning in January of 2019. Court records obtained by www.watchourcity.com confirms the details of the relations. “We were a couple, and yes we dated,” Tesoriero said. “Look, Omar could be very charming at times, but I knew we were incompatible a few months into our relationship,” she said.

As spring of 2019 approached, the relationship took a dark eerie turn between the two.

“Last April, I told him (Navarro) that I wanted space and was intending to break up with him but fearing his reaction if I broke up with him without warning,” Tesoriero said in a court filed declaration. In polite terms, she told Prosecutors that “Omar refused my request for space and began calling and texting me more frequently and demanding that he come over to my residence.”

“Omar became very jealous (at that point of their relationship) and became obsessed with accusing me of having other relationships.”

She said that Navarro continued to threaten “to take me down with him.”

In the complaint she pointed out the size differential between her and Navarro. “I’m 5’2 and I weigh approximately 110 pounds whereas Omar is approximately 5’8 and weighs approximately 230 pounds.”

The stalking got out of control, Tesoriero told watchourcity.com, one-month later May 8, 2019 when she travelled from the west coast to Washington DC for meetings for personal and professional reasons.

Little did she know, Navarro followed her across the country, that’s when she realized she was in jeopardy.


“I went to the Trump Hotel and Omar showed up and was hovering over and staring at me despite my attempt to get distance from him.”

She said that Navarro followed her for approximately two hours around the hotel lounge and was “exhibiting intimidating body language and eye contact.” Tesoriero said she needed to figure out a way to “get out of there” and quickly left the Trump Hotel with three friends.

“Look, the guy was out for me, tracking my every step,” she said.

Navarro, she claims followed her outside screaming “she’s my girlfriend,” and “she’s betraying me,” as well as “you’re trying to sabotage me by working with the enemy.” Tesoriero said that Navarro continued his verbal assault for “3 to 5 minutes” outside the Trump Hotel.

She said that Navarro continued to text her nonstop for the next day while she was in DC. The texts got more aggressive. “Slut.” “Whore.” The next day she went to lunch with friends at another eatery in Washington DC, the Café Milano. She said that she noticed “a man lingering around her taking photos, and 30 minutes later she claims Navarro barged into the Café Milano unannounced “saying I was cheating on him.”

The café manager kicked Navarro out of his eatery, then police were called, and a report was taken to document the incident.

Tesoriero believes that Navarro had installed a “tracking device” on her personal cell phone, thus giving him access to her every location. “Look, the guy was out for me, tracking my every step,” she said.


Since his arrest, WatchOurCity.com has learned that cell phone records from both Navarro and Tesoriero have been scanned and scrubbed by prosecutors and the contents are expected to be revealed in the court appearance on January 29th.

WatchOurCity.com has obtained dozens upon dozens of text messages sent from Navarro via his cell phone that paint a dark portrait of a man obsessed.

The text messages between Navarro and Tesoriero will be a critical portion of evidence in the case by San Francisco District Attorneys.


This is not the first time Navarro was arrested on stalking charges. In September 2016, Navarro was sentenced to a day in jail in Orange County, placed on probation for 18 months and ordered to stay away from his estranged wife Torey MacDonald Navarro after pleading guilty to placing an illegal tracking device on her car, a misdemeanor.

Still after facing all the hurdles surrounding her chaotic relationship with Navarro, candidate Tesoriero remains determined in her campaign to unseat Pelosi.

“The last time I saw Omar Navarro was when he was wearing an Orange prison jumpsuit,” Tesoriero said. “He needed to have all of me or none of me,” she said.

Leading up to his stalking arrest in San Francisco, he appeared to have gotten increasingly more unhinged, making frequent death threats toward her and her family members for weeks and even threatening “to hire a hit man off the street for $25,000” according to Tesoriero. She said his threats became increasingly overt, even referring to himself as “Dexter” many times, who is a popular serial killer character on the showtime series. “You’re going to force me to be Dexter,” and “I’m going to Dexter you if you don’t see me,” he said among dozens of frightening messages.

She also said in her interview with WatchOurCity.com that Navarro had hacked into her iPhone and laptop and started spying on her through the cameras in her iPhone and laptop. He also hacked into her Twitter and Instagram, posting nude pictures of her and other defamatory things she stated.

“He knew where I was at all time, every location. Omar hacked my Twitter account. Published nude photos of me. It doesn’t necessarily make me happy that he is in jail. But he went too far and the authorities finally did something about it. If they didn’t intervene he was never going to stop destroying my life. If he gets out of jail, I will be very afraid of my life. It is a horrible thing,” she said in a shaking voice.


Ken Lewis, Attorney for Navarro, told WatchOurCity.com in an exclusive phone interview from his Downtown Los Angeles law office that Navarro claims that he “did nothing wrong.” “We are sorting things out, but we are going to be aggressive with his defense,” Lewis said. “There is a lot of evidence that is still being reviewed in the case,” he said.

Lewis also confirmed that Navarro’s personal cell phone has been part of the evidence that is being examined. “I can say that phone records are being looked,” he said. Lewis did not elaborate on other matters surrounding the case and acknowledged that he speaks to Navarro “every couple of days.” “He wants to get out,” Lewis said. When asked about Navarro’s campaign for Congress in March, Lewis reiterated that the two have not spoken about the election in “any great matter.”

“Omar just wants to get out and prove his innocence,” Lewis said. “I’m not concerned about his campaign at this time,” he concluded.

Navarro is charged as follows:

Docket Number   Statute   Charge Description   
19019210646.9(a) PC/FSTALKING