I Tried to Read SFGATE, Where Hate Speech Thrives. SFGATE Left Wing Blogger Dan Gentile Insults Families of Holocaust Survivors For Clicks & Revenue


Haters going to H8, especially for page impressions and click ad revenue. Even if it means tramping on the families of those persecuted and killed by the SS.

Yes, San Fran blogging site SFGATE has become the capitalists they used to condemn as they hire professional food bloggers to write national political articles.

Once a fun and wild liberal bastion of San Francisco’s hip world that embraced free speech and political dissent, SFGATE has deteriorated into Hate Central as it desperately seeks out revenue from ad impressions and clicks.

And, yes, it is all Trumps fault, LOL. Trump is their go to click-ad beacon.

Since Trump came to office SFGATE has transformed into that Jr High mean girl with too tight jeans and spike high heels who shrieks for attention, followers, and now ad revenue. She hangs out with the Jocks of other publications and coordinates Trump hating attacks with editors of other newspapers. “Just got off a call of top Los Angeles Times editors, agreeing that we should …” SFGATE‘s Dan Gentile tweets out. So much for independent journalism.

“Stir them up, we need more page impressions, and ad clicks”

Forget trying to navigate through the hateful site. Much of it is predictable as it stirs up an extremist mob that, based on comments and articles, loves free speech as long as you agree with them. But, as always, controversy generates page views and page views translate into revenue created by online advertising clicks. Why calm down the left wing mob when you can make money from them? It is almost as if you can hear SFGATE management yelling, “Stir them up, we need more page impressions, and ad clicks.”

Much of the latest click-bait comes from a Texas blogger they hired as their “Culture Editor” named Dan Gentile. Dan was a freelance writer before his current San Fran gig. Prior to SFGATE Dan wrote breaking stories about pets and the all-important Austin Texas sandwich scene. His powerful and moving advocacy article on having ice cream for breakfast brought me to tears. Changed my entire world view actually.

So how did SFGATE think that importing this Texas ice cream blogger into California’s “Baghdad by the Bay” to write about politics and national security issues was a good idea? Ugh!

Dan’s latest click generator goes after social media site Parler and its followers and implies they are all Nazis. Someone needs explain to Dan that great rule of writing, Michael Godwin’s Rule of Nazi Analogies – “Invoke the Nazis and you’ve lost the argument.” You would think someone as up-to-date on the Austin writing scene would know about Austin attorney and author Michael Goodwin’s famous truth. But we do realize it is hard to stay abreast of politics and cultural issues when there were so many BBQ sandwiches for Dan review.

SFGATE Insults Families of the Holocaust

It is insulting to family members who survived the Holocaust to compare everyone on Parler to Nazis. Dan needs a lesson is what true Nazis did. Actually, taking away individuals rights to communicate and their free speech was partially how those atrocities began.

Meanwhile on Twitter, where Dan and SFGATE are an active members, the Ayatollah of Iran is advocating for the death of homosexuals. So, if we use Dan and SFGATE’s broad brush of applying to all users any viewpoints advocated by other members of a social media site, then Dan and SFGATE must be calling for gays to be thrown off buildings? Seems logical.
Hopefully Dan will stick to writing on the great San Fran restaurant scene. Or maybe some articles on how the traffic in the bay area is getting worse than Los Angeles.

Spare us Dan and stick to food reviews. Readers need to know the latest menu items at Mitchell’s Ice Cream on San Jose Ave in San Fran. Rumor has it that is where Nancy Pelosi got all those $15 a pint ice creams to stuff in her $24,000 freezer. Inquiring minds want confirmation.

Help us out here Dan.