Homeless Given Ticket Or Arrest Can Have Infractions Cleared If They Stay At A Shelter; San Diego Police Say

Homeless Cart
Homeless Cart

SAN DIEGO – In an attempt to decrease Homelessness, any person who has received a ticket or arrest by San Diego police for homelessness could have the infractions removed if they agree to stay for 30 days in one of the city’s shelters.

But while about 300 people took the offer, many of them left within a day.

However many in San Deigo are not so sure the program will work as it doesn’t require any person to stay even with the incentive of having an infraction dropped.

The Los Angeles Times reported that 67% of people who took the offer to avoid citations left after just one day and appeared to have had no intention of staying sheltered.

If somebody leaves before 30 days, the citations will be enforced, police say.

For more information concerning the program, please check out the San Diego Police Department’s website.


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