CSUN Professor Creates Map To Track COVID-19 In Every L.A. Neighborhood

CSUN Panorama
CSUN Panorama

LOS ANGELES (CNS) – A Cal State Northridge professor has created an interactive map to track the progress of coronavirus throughout each neighborhood in Los Angeles County, the university announced today.
Geography professor Steven Graves said he hopes to get a better grasp on how the virus is impacting people at the local level.

He has also created maps that track COVID-19 county by county at the national level.
The maps are based on data provided by Coronavirus Resource Center at Johns Hopkins University and can be found on CSUN’s Center for Geospatial Science and Technology’s webpage.
For more, go to https://csunshinetoday.csun.edu/csun-leaders/csun-prof-creates-maps-to-track-covid-19s-progress-neighborhood-by-neighborhood-in-l-a-county-and-county-by-county-across-the-u-s/.