Councilwoman Monica Rodriquez Breaks Promise to Los Angeles Police Officers

Los Angeles Councilwoman Rodriguez
Los Angeles Councilwoman Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES – In a video that has recently gone viral, Los Angeles Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez is seen in a heated exchange Thursday June 4th with Los Angeles police officers at the LAPD Operations-Valley Bureau. During the exchange the officers called out Rodriquez and Mayor Eric Garcetti for stating they would be removing $150 million from the LAPD budget next year and for the lack of support the officers are receiving on social media from city leaders.

During the back and forth the officers stated that city officials were abandoning them and that the cuts were unjustified and that the city should not give in to Black Lives Matters demands. Rodriquez stated that the cuts were part of a larger series of cuts that would hit other city departments.

Officers called out the Councilwoman for only tweeting about the LAPD cuts in the midst of the city riots and protests and not the budget cuts of other departments. The officers said that her tweets were part of a larger political narrative that were “hurtful, and it hurts us as a department.” Rodriguez stated she has shown past support for the LAPD in her newsletters, but the officers asked why she doesn’t express that to the media and broader public now during these protests.

She was then asked if she will “update the tweet. You are telling us but will you tell the whole world” that you support the LAPD.

She answered that she would publicly state her support for the LAPD and said, “just so you know I am having a conversation with my staff about this and we are in fact preparing those responses.”

However, as of Monday June 8th, 5 days ago, Councilwoman Rodriquez has not issued a tweet in support of the LAPD contrary to her promise to the officers last Thursday.

Below is video of the entire exchange as posted originally on Facebook by Shawna Stevenson:

Below is a snapshot of a tweet 4 days ago where Councilwoman Rodriquez’s called to cut funding for the LAPD: