Controversial Oceanside Development Passes City Council; Signature Referendum Deadline Nears

Oceanside San Diego Pier
Oceanside San Diego Pier

OCEANSIDE, Calif. — A month after the Oceanside City Council approved a controversial North River Farms development, Oceanside resident’s ability to voice their disagreement against the project nears a deadline for enough signatures to be collected to force a referendum.

Oceanside residents need to gather 9,609 signatures from local registered voters in order to put the development on the ballot for voters in 2020.

North River Farms passed city council with a 3-to-2 vote in November, despite the city’s planning commission voting not to support the project three separate times.

The development includes plans for more than 200 acres in the South Morro Hills area. Council meetings have been packed throughout the last year with people both for and against the project and opponents now have just days left to gather enough signatures for a referendum.

The deadline for signatures to be collected is 4 p.m. Friday.


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