California Ranked One Of The Least Charitable States In The U.S.

05.Salvation.SW.WDC.17dec05 - Everystockphoto: Photographer ElvertBarnes
05.Salvation.SW.WDC.17dec05 - Photographer ElvertBarnes

While U.S. donors in 2018 gave more than $427 billion to charity, with 68 percent of the funds coming directly from individuals, according to the National Philanthropic Trust, California as a state had quite the opposite effect in regards to its generosity.

According to a new study from Wallethub California has been ranked as one of the least charitable states, coming in at 42 out of 50.

Some notable findings from Wallethub’s study for California include:

– Was fifth-lowest percentage of the population that volunteers, at 25%

– Only 27% of the population donates food to charity

– Low amounted fo homeless sheltered, 30%

For the full study check out Wallethub’s site.


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