Surveillance Video Shows Deputy Firing on Fleeing Suspect in Willowbrook

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Surveillance Video Shows Deputy Firing on Fleeing Suspect in Willowbrook

Eds: CLARIFIES suspects name and age. Coroner ID of fatality 9706. The Sheriff’s Information Bureau can be reached at 213-229-1850. Nash of OnScene has footage and can be reached at 323-381-9454.

WILLOWBROOK (CNS) – Video surveillance footage shows tense moments in South Los Angeles as a fleeing suspect is chased, then fatally shot, by a sheriff’s deputy in Willowbrook.

The imagery, broadcast on ABC7, provides more insight into the death of the Los Angeles man armed with a gun in the unincorporated area near South Los Angeles Friday.

The man who died was identified as Fred Williams, 25, by coroner’s investigator K. Weber.

While the sheriff’s department says there may also be body camera video of the fatal shooting, there was no timeline yet for when that might be released, if it exists, according to a Sheriff’s Information Bureau spokesperson.

The deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Century Station “were wearing cameras,” Deputy Eric Ortiz of the Sheriff’s Information Bureau told City News Service on Saturday.

Deputies at the Century Station, along with four other stations, received the department’s first batch of body-worn cameras and started wearing them in the field on Oct. 1, according to the sheriff’s department.

On Friday, Century Station deputies were on patrol in Mona Park, in the area of 121st Street and Willowbrook Avenue, at 5:30 p.m. when the shooting occurred. When the deputies entered the parking lot, they saw a group of about 10 to 15 people and one was holding a gun, according to Deputy James Nagao.

The suspect spotted the deputies and ran out of the parking with a deputy chasing him, he said. The deputy chased him down a driveway and into the backyard of a nearby home where the suspect “engaged the deputy by pointing his firearm at (the deputy),” who opened fire, striking the man, who was pronounced dead at the scene, Nagao said, adding a semi- automatic handgun was recovered by detectives.

The surveillance video shows a man running between one-story residences, his right hand clutching his right side around the waist area, with a sheriff’s deputy hot on his heels.

As the deputy rounds the corner of a home, he lifts his gun and points it out in front of him.

Another angle shows the suspect race through a backyard where a child is standing. Meanwhile, two adults quickly appear. A woman grabs the child and disappears inside.

The video cuts to another frame showing the deputy racing to the corner of the backyard where the child had been, raising his gun, and firing multiple rounds.

No deputies were injured.

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