Plane Crashes into House in Upland California; Starts Fire

Seal of the City of Upland California
Seal of the City of Upland California

A single-engine plane crashed into a house this morning, killing the pilot and starting a fire that authorities spent hours subduing.

Fortunately, the family, a couple and their infant child, were able to escape unharmed.

At present, there has been no given reason as to why the pilot crashed into the house. Witnesses at the scene noted a parachute near the wreckage; seemingly indicating that the pilot attempted to leave the plane under an emergency.

At present authorities are still trying to determine the identity of the pilot as well as why the plane crashed but have been unable to uncover either.

The investigation of the crash will be handed over to The Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board to determine a cause for the crash and pilot’s death.


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