Disturbing Before/After Video of Santa Monica’s Ocean Park 2010 vs 2019

A recent twitter post by STREET PEOPLE OF LOS ANGELES @streetpeopleLA shows the disturbing BEFORE and AFTER to Santa Monica’s Ocean Park. In a few short years this beautiful park, often frequented by tourists to Southern California, has become a homeless encampment. The video hightlights the transformation of the park from a family park to a tent filled camp of homeless, some of which are publicly shooting up their drugs in broad daylight.

“The change speaks volumes. 2010 was before #AB109#prop47#prop47 and The Jerry Brown/Gavin Newsom era. 2010 we had families at this park in #SantaMonica 2019 filled with junkies and homeless @SantaMonicaProb

Editor’s Note: Homelessness is growing in our communities. Solutions need to be found that are both compassionate to the homeless and surrounding residents and businesses. WatchOurCity.com only posts images of homeless individuals in public spaces.


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