Fire Season Extended: New Outlook Could Extend Into December 2019

Los Angeles Fire Department Fire Fighting
Los Angeles Fire Department Fire Fighting

In a new report issued today by the Southern California Geographic Area Coordination Center, wildfire season in California could continue into December due to a warm October and a delayed rainy season.

The most affected areas, the report notes, are in the southern part of the state, which has been hit by severe fires in the past couple of months.

The news hits on the heels of Governor Gavin Newsom declaring a state of emergency and with much of Southern California firefighters stretched thin or recovering from fighting fires all over the Southern California area.

As per the LA Times, “Southern California hasn’t had significant rain in seven months, and meteorologists say there’s no clear sign of rain anywhere in the forecast through at least mid-November.”

At present most of Southern California is under a “no burn” notice. If you would like to check if your area falls in this category you can click on the no burn site which gives up to date information on where fire usage is allowed.


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